“My production canvas is a multidimensional tapestry where each frame tells a story of collaboration, precision, and artistic alchemy. A producer, a curator of experiences, and an architect of vision, I navigate the complexities of my craft with a rhythmic finesse. In the grand composition of my journey, I harmonize the elements of art, culture, and innovation, creating a multifaceted masterpiece.”



Hello beautiful souls, I’m Tavia – your resident creative powerhouse infusing a whole lot of dynamism into production. As a multimedia maven, I specialize in curating unforgettable experiences, producing dynamic events, crafting compelling content, and adding flair to podcasts.

When I’m not orchestrating behind the scenes, you’ll find me crafting content that revolves around my love for travel, art, and food. Naturally, I infuse that same vibrant energy into all of my professional endeavors. Drawing from a background as diverse as my playlist, I bring a blend of experience, flair, and unapologetic creativity to every project.

Latest Work

Mighty Dream Forum by Pharrell Williams

  • Role: Producer – Business Block Party & Panel Discussion
  • Agency: Hunters Point

Real Talk Drives Real Change ‘22 POWERED BY CHEVROLET

  • Role: Producer
  • Agency: Urban One/One X Studios

Real Talk Drives Real Change ‘23 POWERED BY CHEVROLET

  • Role: Co-Lead Producer
  • Agency: Urban One/One X Studios

Ocean Cube Immersive Pop-Up Art Exhibition

  • Role: Event Manager/Operations & Creative Ideation
  • Company: INSTASHOW LLC.

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My Super Powers

Multifaceted Production Expertise

Strategic Project Management

Creative Ideation and Conceptualization

Effective Collaboration and Communication

Event Production and Technical Expertise

Strategic Marketing and Brand Promotion


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